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Welcome to Point Blank Outdoors

Point Blank Outdoors is a team of close friends Mark Hitcome, Randy Hardy, Brian Hitcome, & Ed Shields, We are just normal hard working guys with regular 40Hr a week jobs.We live in Chautauqua County NY and spend all our spare time in the Great Outdoors.We have dedicated ourselves to bringing our experiences to you by way of video! Come along and enjoy our success and mistakes as we chase the great fish and game that this and other areas have to offer.

Latest News…

Brandon Groters Lays The Smack Down! -                      Brandon unleashed the Trauma from 20 yards on this nice bear. It’s only fitting the race car driver get a bear with racing stripes!  The Bear didn’t make it 30 yards!
Brian Traumatizes His First Canadian Bear! - On his second sit Brian had two bear come in!  The first bear put on a good show but wasn’t quite good enough. One hour later it proved to be a good decision. A big Bear came within striking distance of Brian’s Hoyt and The Trauma found it’s mark! 

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