Ken Brings Down Bruiser!


On the last night of the hunt this Boss Hog came within range of Ken.  And Ken dropped him in his tracks! It’s Bacon time! Big thanks to Andre Galenda of Royal Trophy Outfitters for inviting Team 365 down to help out in his Hog Eradication..

The Bacon is hitting the ground!


Randy traveled to Texas with Ken to hunt with Andre Galenda of Royal Trophy Outfitters. First night in the stand Randy looked down the barell of his 300 Weatherby at this Wooly Mammoth!  Rumor is more are hitting the dirt, and Ken is itching to get behind the gun!  Stay tuned!.

Mark Scores Big In Nebraska!

After a long week of hunting in the bitter cold, and a couple missed opportunities Mark finally closed the deal on this great 10 point! We would like to give a huge thank you to Scot Rosendahl of Nebraska Sandhills Outfitters for inviting Team 365 down and working hard to make sure Mark didn’t go home empty handed! PicsArt_12-21-05.09.57.