Point Blank Outdoors is a team of close friends Mark Hitcome, Randy Hardy, Brian Hitcome, & Ed Shields, We are just normal hard working guys with regular 40Hr a week jobs.We live in Chautauqua County NY and spend all our spare time in the Great Outdoors.We have dedicated ourselves to bringing our experiences to you by way of video! Come along and enjoy our success and mistakes as we chase the great fish and game that this and other areas have to offer.


Mark Hitcome

As a true blue Western New Yorker Mark has been hunting and fishing his whole life.Growing up buying vhs tapes of old hunting shows started a dream of one day having his own show.Through the years of hunting Mark and Brian started to film each others hunting and fishing adventures in the early 90′s. Soon after the Hitcome brothers met Randy and a quick friendship was formed.Followed later by Ed. Sharing the same passion and enthusiasm for filming their hunting and fishing adventures it was inevitable that some day it would lead them to the big screen.Mark has hunted multiple states with multiple outfitters and on his own here in New York becoming obsessed with chasing big white tails. After his first fishing trip on the ocean it seemed only Marks addiction to chasing big bucks would carry over to giant fish living in the depths of the ocean. As a 365 days a year sportsman Mark never stops pursuing trophies of the great outdoors.


Randy Hardy

Randy grew up in Western New York. starting at a early age Randy took to the woods and water. After just a few trips with his father in the woods Randy was hooked,and hasn’t stopped pursuing game since. After meeting Mark and Brian and sharing their hunting and fishing stories with each other the trio started hunting and fishing together. Randy has also hunted all over the United States chasing elk,antelope,bear, and mule deer while pusuing white tail and turkeys. Randy has been on countless fishing trips from big musky to sharks out of Key West! Having traveled all over North America pursuing game,he still finds that being in the woods of Western New York or trolling for big lake Trout and Walleye on lake Erie is truly a sportsmans paradise!


Ed Shields

Ed met Brian 7 years ago after the two started talking hunting and fishing they quickly realized they had to start hunting together.After just a few trips it was obvious that Ed was the missing link that was needed for a four man team. Ed has been chasing whitetails since he was boy in the family’s hunting camp in Northern Pennsylvania. As a avid outdoorsman Ed has been on numerous fishing trips finding that his passion was not limited by land. Known for getting very excited when a trophy is taken the guys always can’t wait to see what Ed is going to do next!


Brian Hitcome

Brian grew up in the small Western New York town of Cassadaga. Following in his fathers and brothers foot steps becoming infatuated with the outdoors. Brian and Mark started filming each other in the early 90′s, after their first successful hunt filmed Brian and Mark quickly realized their passion for the outdoors was now secondary to capturing it for others to see. Brian’s obsession for hunting was quickly matched after he got the rod and reel in hand,from fishing for Large Mouth Bass to being hooked up to a 150 pound Tarpon in Florida.Brian’s energy and excitement level almost always at a high is always bound to be interesting to say the least!.