Dead Ringer!

We got the opportunity to meet and talk to Mike Furia  of  DEAD RINGER at the Whitetail Xtreme Raffle. Mike got to see some of our videos and we got to see some product that they have developed. Looking forward to a long relationship with Dead Ringer.




Check out the Truama video for Dead Ringer on our video page!







Food Plot Time

It  is that time of the year, time to get the food plots in cameras hung and see what kind of bucks we got walking around. Hunting season is only two months away

LMS seed!.

Welcome To Point Blank Outdoors!

Randy, Mark, Brian, and Ed


Welcome to Point Blank Outdoors!  Our goal is to get away from all the glammed up hunting and fishing you see, and show it how the average guys go out and do it . Oh yeah and we will have a ton of fun doing it..