Braeden Hitcome scores on his first deer!

After hunting hard since New York archery season opened, Braeden finally got his chance when this Buck came in to check some does. As the buck started to walk away Braeden hit him with a few grunts and brought him in to 30 yards!  With his dad filming over his shoulder Braeden released his arrow! The shot was perfectly placed and the buck expired within 80 yards! Congratulations Braeden with one heck of a first deer!


Brian kicks the season off right for Team 365!

The horns are starting to hit the ground for Team 365!This buck came in on the third morning of the hunt for Brian at Hickory Hill Hunts in Missouri from 200 yards across a field to 10 yards! The deer expired in less than 80 yards. Congrats Brian

Team 365 & Dead Ringer head to Lake Erie!



The PBO gang invited the guys from Dead Ringer for a day on the water on good old Lake Erie. We had nothing but calm seas , lots of bent poles as fish after fish hit the deck!  We finished the day off laughing as much as when the day started with a fresh Walleye dinner! The only complaint was sore shoulders! What a way to end summer and get ready for Deer Season. We would like to thank our friends at Dead Ringer for coming out to fish with us & all of their support..

Brandon Groters Lays The Smack Down!

20150617_092248                     Brandon unleashed the Trauma from 20 yards on this nice bear. It’s only fitting the race car driver get a bear with racing stripes!  The Bear didn’t make it 30 yards!.

Brian Traumatizes His First Canadian Bear!

On his second sit Brian had two bear come in!  The first bear put on a good show but wasn’t quite good enough. One hour later it proved to be a good decision. A big Bear came within striking distance of Brian’s Hoyt and The Trauma found it’s mark! DSC04824.