Canadian Bear On The Menu!

Team 365 members Brian,Tyler,Brandon,and good friend Kelly Frederes are hunting Black Bear at O’Sullivan Lake Lodge in Quebec. Kelly scored on his second sit with this nice bear! With a lot of time left the guys are feeling optimistic! Congratulations Kelly!FB_IMG_1434592762923¬†Kelly way to start it off!


Team 365 lays down the Long Beards in Kansas!

The Team made their annual trip to Kansas to hunt with Brady Giles of Cross Country Outfitters. They were covered up with birds from the start, 7 down in total with multiple opportunities! The birds  were on fire as usual!.

Brian opens up for Team 365 in Kansas!

The guys are back out in Kansas at Cross Country Outfitters. After a few close calls in the morning Brian broke in his new Hoyt Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo tipped with a Dead Ringer Trauma on this nice Kansas Long Beard!.

Big Hog Down!

Randy Downed this Hog on a Rainy Night South Carolina.The team was hunting with Tom Collins of Collins Low Country Hunt Club. We can’t wait to get back and enjoy the great hunting but mostly the great southern hospitality from our friends at Collins Low Country Hunt Club..